We are pleased to announce that since 2007, we have assisted 125 women of color to graduate and to begin their careers in health care. Our programs have been instrumental in helping us to help our protégés to reach their career goals. Our donors have provided the means for this achievement.




Just in Time Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in December to women of color, currently in health care training.
Eligible applicants are low income women of color currently enrolled in health care training.
reference is given to women who are single-parent heads of household and are African-
American. Scholarship amounts are up to $1000. Applicants must be in good academic
standing at the time of applying.


Scholarships may be used for those items that help to ensure completion of training:
• Pay tuition
• Purchase books
• Transportation
• Scrubs
• Nursing kits
• Food
• Testing fees
• Respite child care (time to study for exams)
• Other needs may be considered but must be explained in the application process

Scholarship recipients are required to develop a five-year career plan, attend monthly mentoring sessions and to maintain a good academic standing.




How to Apply

ApplyNowApplications are taken each fall beginning in late September. Decisions are announced in early December and awards are made at a reception in your honor to award scholarships. Family members are invited to attend and participate in the reception and awards. Each new protégé is given a butterfly pin to symbolize the fact that they are evolving and will become quite successful in their career choice.



The Process:




Coaching and Mentoring

From January to July, monthly sessions are held with the Protégés to support them in their studies. Students exchange with each other the pressing issues arising from training and provide peer mentoring for each other. In addition, a volunteer mentor who is knowledgeable in the area under discussion presents information to help them plan for their careers. The discussion areas include:

• Family/Relational Wholeness & Time Management
• Health, Wellness & Stress Reduction/ Family/Relational & Time Management
• Etiquette & Social Awareness
• Money $ense
• Job Fairs, Search Engines & Online Applications, Career Ladders Job Preparation/ NCLEX Prep
• Search Engines & Online Applications
• Patient Care and Avoiding Injury

In addition, our staff works monthly with each individual student to review their career plans to identify issues that might prevent the completion of their training.

Online mentoring is available for help in problem-solving and career building after graduation. Arrangements must be made through the Program Manager.



 The Career Builders Technology Lab

The Career Builders Technology Lab (CBTL) is a technology learning center for low-income women of color who are overcoming the challenge of gaining entrance into the healthcare industry. Participating women do not have access to the very expensive preparation courses offered to prepare for licensing exams. The program provides:

• Use of individual computers with practice tests
• Practice exercises for the LPN program,
• Study videos for LPN test situational discussion
• Onsite licensed discussion facilitators
• Mentoring through the test taking and employment location process
• Tutoring and skill building in Microsoft applications
• Test-taking tips healthcare professionals
• Internet access for job search

The Technology Lab is available to all protégés and to others who might need excess to computers and resume development.



The "Experienceship" Program

The Experienceship Program is an internship that is a directed, practical learning experience, offered in a healthcare workplace setting that meets community building and social service programs that empower the underserved. The "Experienceship Program "is specifically designed to give women of color the experience and support that they need to enter and to have successful careers in the health care field. The program, four months in length ensures that future health care careerists have the skills needed to problem solve, refine training skills and to network for that all-important position. The program is specifically designed for those students who have completed their training but are unable to find employment.

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Applications are taken through March for summer internships. These paid internships are limited to five each year for a four-month period. Download details and application




Networking is essential to any career development. The Institute of Wonderful Women Working for Empowerment provides opportunities for students to meet those who might be helpful to their career. For example, students were able to attend a direct care conference to learn about patient care and employment opportunities and a conference on Barriers in the Health Care Field for women of color. (Need quotes from attendees)

Fundraisers such as the Giving Back Stepping Forward Afternoon Tea and our meeting at McCarter Theater with Phylicia Rashad gave students an opportunity to network with other professional caregivers. During the year students, under the supervision of their instructors, are able to do blood pressure checks, pulse and more.



The "HerStory" Project

The "HerStory" project encourages women to tell their story in their own words. Often, women of color are invisible in their struggles and challenges. This project will allow participants to tell their story in their own words. In telling their story, our protégés will be able to talk about their families, education, challenges and how they are overcoming them. Most importantly, the women will be able to talk about their future hopes and dreams. We are in the beginning stages of this project and are seeking funds to complete it. However, listen to a few of the stories below.



Tarene's Story
Nyeasha's Story
Jacque's Story


The ultimate goal of the Career Connection Program is that each student at some point be able to help someone else achieve success and to improve their community.

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